Wednesday, 14 September 2016

35 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

How far along?
35 weeks + 6 days

Total weight gain?
I forgot to weigh myself and I cannot be bothered going back downstairs now just to use the scales.

Stretch marks?
I've got the odd stripe on my thighs and quite a big one on my hip but still nothing on my belly. I don't think my belly button will ever recover but I can deal with that. We'll see afterwards, I definitely want to get back into shape, I've spent the majority of 2016 aching and waddling around.

Still rubbish. I woke at 4.30 the other morning with heartburn and didn't get back to sleep until just before 7am. I ended up staying in bed then until 10am - perks of maternity leave!

Best moment this week?
We went for a growth scan on Tuesday because our little chunk is measuring big. I didn't think we'd get to see it again after our 20 week scan until it arrived so that was a nice surprise! The sonographer said it's got a big chubby belly; it's actually got a thicker layer of fat around it's belly than I've got around mine. At the moment it's looking like it'll be weigh the top end of 8lb. Oh god I'm so excited!

Miss anything?
I'm feeling okay this week, not missing anything too much.

I'm luckily not getting a foot in my ribs as often nowadays thank god, hopefully that means it's dropped down a little bit. I was thinking today in the car how much I'm going to miss the funny little lumps I feel sticking out all day long. It's a weird feeling that's hard to explain without people getting offended I think. At the moment I'm the only person who feels everything, all day, everyday. In potentially a month, maybe less, maybe more, I've got to share my little passenger with everybody, which don't get me wrong I cannot wait for. I cannot wait to see all those little relationships grow. With Kyle, with each grandparent, each auntie and uncle and cousin, but then at the same time I won't have MY bump.  

Food cravings?

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Not this week thank goodness!

Well today I met a little girl at Kyle's friends house, she was maybe four or five. The first thing she asked me was 'how did the baby get in my belly?' Oh my god, they really don't hold back do they! I told her to ask her Mum when she went home. I asked if it was a boy or girl and without any hesitation she said boy. Weird. Oh and it's going to be called Cotton Candy apparently.

Labour signs?
I still get funny feelings quite low down, but nothing that has worried me as of yet. I was kind of worrying that the midwife would turn round and say that baby was big and needed delivering sooner rather than later, but luckily all is well. I definitely think it'll be a 9lber. 

I was saying to Kyle today that I really struggle to close my legs (haha!) that could have something to do with having a head heading down into my pelvis. It's making driving uncomfortable. I feel like my legs can't control the pedals properly.

Belly button in or out?

I'm so content right now it's unreal. Kyle's spending his days decorating the living room and I've spent mine (or the last two at least) cleaning the kitchen. I swear I've cleaned corners of the kitchen no person will ever see, but it feels so satisfying knowing it's been done.

Looking forward to?
The downstairs of the house is currently like a building site so I can't wait to finally have the living room finished. Kyle's painting the walls tomorrow and Friday then Dad's going to fit the new floor on Saturday. We can start restoring some order then. At the moment our dining room has the sofas in it, the TV has made it's way upstairs and the hallway has all of the sofa cushions stacked up. Dinner has been eaten on the patio table and chairs in the living room because the dining room table is blocked in by sofas. Roll on Monday!

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