Thursday, 8 September 2016

34 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

You'll have to excuse my attire, it's been one of those house days where we've stayed at home to get shit done. Our living room is lacking in carpet and underlay thanks to Kyle and his friend and I built a moses basket stand. The basket is staying safely wrapped up in the plastic until the walls have been sanded tomorrow, that's when things get really dusty. I feel so much better now that things are started to get done, I just wish we'd started sooner.

How far along?
34 weeks + 6 days

Total weight gain?
11st 2lb when I weighed myself Tuesday morning, that's nearly two stone on my pre-pregnancy weight - definitely the heaviest I've ever weighed!

Stretch marks?
Still none on my belly, the midwife will be pleased. My boobs have been so itchy the last few days though, I'm wondering if I'm going to stretch even more. The lady who did a talk at the breastfeeding workshop said that at 37 weeks that'll be the size they are when I'm exclusively breastfeeding. I've told Kyle he needs to save for a boob job for when we're done with babies.

Lacking. I'm glad I lasted this long though, some nights I wake every hour. If I get up to pee then it's game over; I can lie there for ages going through lists of things I need to do in my head. 

Best moment this week?
Coming home to my sweet little kitty. Him and Sacha have run each other ragged since Sunday night but hopefully they'll be best friends soon. I've started building things, the new swing was the first thing and I love it that much I'm tempted to buy the matching bouncer too, just so we've got something upstairs and something downstairs instead of carrying things up and down all the time.

Miss anything?
I'm feeling okay this week, not missing anything too much.

Lots and lots! 

Food cravings?

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Not this week thank goodness!

I'm still saying boy. Kyle saw three magpies on Monday and I reminded him that we have seen four in the past and he told me I'm really hanging on to this boy. It's just gut feeling I guess.

Labour signs?
Nope, although I've started getting a lot more shooting pains and funny feelings down below. Mum and Dad were joking that because Kyle and I are always late for everything we'll more than likely be late for our own baby's birth.

The usual at 34 weeks I think. Shortness of breath, maybe a little bit of a waddle. My SPD has good days and bad days but it's all good because my little sister has offered to come round and vacuum for us (I shan't say no!) Oh and swollen feet. Sometimes, like tonight, it feels like my foot is bruised so I've taken to popping a tube of Soap and Glory's Heel Genius in the freezer for 10 minutes before rubbing it in my feet.

Belly button in or out?
Out. My sister popped round on Monday for another good laugh at it but it was tucked away under my support band.

Happy and excited. Just over two weeks and baby will be full term. I won't be so worried then about it arriving.

Looking forward to?
Everything. There's so many changes to come and I'm so ready for every single one of them!

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