Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Sunday Post: An evening with God Damn

Last Sunday evening after a full day at work and the thought of missing my Sunday dinner, I jumped in the car with Andy, an old H&M friend, and headed to a studio in Birmingham to photograph a band who have just been signed to a label. The two chaps, making up the band God Damn, were so welcoming as soon as they walked in and even though they're music is much heavier than anything I listen to they were so warm and friendly.

Andy had sent me a mood board a few days before of the kind of shots he wanted to get, so we wasted no time in setting up and playing around with the lights and also a smoke machine (fun!). The images were being sent over to the label to be used for the band's promo work and since this kind of work is Andy's forte he knew exactly what he wanted.

I didn't take near as many photos as I wished to but I ended up having so much fun and I learnt so much about the music side of the photography industry and also so much about the studio and different lighting set ups that I cannot wait to put in to practice in my own work!

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  1. The blog was in achievement fantastic! Lots of abounding admonition and inspiration, both of which we all need!