Friday, 21 February 2014


Kimono: £14.99 (available in store)
Fluffy cardigan: £19.99 (available in store)
stripy crop: £9.99 (available in store)
Boxy handbag: £34.99 (available instore and online)

Remember the day when you used to get told off for taking photos in shops? I do, I was one of those annoying teenagers who used to an armful of items into the fitting room and not buy any of them, I think maybe that's where this whole love affair with fashion started. Well anyway, your allowed to take photos now, in H&M anyway. I don't know how other stores feel about it so don't go snapping away like the paparazzi else the staff might get offended.

H&M have thought up their own app (HMLoves) which anyone can use to share your favourite things and outfits on Twitter, but mainly Instagram. There's also a competition running for the most stylish outfit to win £250 to spend in store. Who wouldn't want to win that? I'm not sure when the closing date is so I'd get in there quick if I were you.

I picked out some of my favourite bits from Divided at the moment. I've since bought the floral kimono and a black dress which came in after I photographed these. The black cardigan is going to be perfect for spring, when it's maybe a little too cold to go bare on my arms but warm enough not for a coat (I can't wait for those days!). I've tried the stripy crop top on since and I'm not so keen on it, it's not as cropped as I thought and the arms are really tight. Finally, how could I not include THE blue bag. I've got the black one and it's just perfect!


  1. H&M seem to have some amazing things in at the moment! I love that floral kimono, and the fluffy cardigan looks so perfect for not just winter but spring too! x

  2. I love H&M and I want that bag :)

  3. awe gorge finds, I love HM so much! great competition too!

  4. My god I love that kimono so much! It's amazing and I can see myself wearing it all summer! Great post and style dear xx

  5. Love the pretty printed kimono and fluffy cardigan, wish we had H&M here.

  6. That kimono is absolutely stunning!

  7. I love how they let you take photos now! H&M is so great at the moment x

  8. OOooo!! I think I need to pop into my H&M. Hopefully they carry the same items because I love that stripey top and purse. Must have!

    The Style Boro

  9. I heard about this actually, must be weird and strange doing it! ahha I always feel awkward with the iPhone out can't imagine taking my Nikon in aha! Great pics tho - love this cardi, hope you had a great weekend honey :)

    Have a lovely week,
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  10. H&M is SO good right now! I love the blue bag, looks so much expensive than it is xxx