Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Sunday post: A little Boulle update

I thought I'd do a little update on my favourite little creature. I often refer to him on Instagram as my polar bear but he is quite simply the silliest puss cat I've ever met. 

We've had him now since July and to begin with he was that mischievous that part of me thought having a cat was a bad idea. When we went on holiday my sister looked after him for the week and I missed him so bad! We had a minor incident with the vet in September that set us back £300, all because of some lilies that he may or may not have eaten. I remember having to rush him to the vets and leaving in tears because she said he might not survive. He is still here, still as naughty as ever!

He has a very love hate relationship with Dan, who half the time is asking for a scratch or a bite. He enjoys attacking feet from the end of the bed and has a bit of a thing for hands and fingers. He's got a little stuffed present that my Mum got him for Christmas which he loves to play fetch with it, that's normally my way of entertaining him in the morning when I'm getting ready is by launching his 'present' across the room for him to return it. We also have to hide the toilet rolls from him otherwise he shreds them to bits and acts all innocent like it wasn't him.

Most of the photos are taken in our bedroom because that is where we mostly take refuge. He sleeps by my feet or sneaks under the covers and snuggles in by my belly. I always give him lots of fuss when we've been out during Friday nights playtime he hid between my two pillows then got wedged down the side of the bed. We used to shut him in the kitchen diner whenever we went out because he used to wee under the stairs. He's grown out of that now and I trust the little terror enough to just sleep. I tried sneaking out on Monday night and his little head appeared through the banister, just another Boulle moment that I couldn't help but photograph I guess.

It took my a while but I let him go outside now, even though I'd rather freeze than shut the door on him. I have to have the mop on standby for all the muddy paw print trails that get left behind. The one day he brought the cat from next door in the house, and came looking for me upstairs as if to say "come and meet my friend". It was so funny!

I'm sorry if you don't like cats or you don't care about my little Boulle, I guess you can still appreciate the pictures of his silly face.


  1. AWW he's adorable!!! #catladiesalert

  2. so cute!!!

  3. Aw look at him! So cute. I have a 9 month old kitten who also has a thing for attacking hands and feet, I permanently have bite and scratch marks on them now but he's just so cute I can't tell him off hahah! x

  4. Such a beautiful cat! I am definitely a cat person they bring so much fun :). xx

    A Scholar Life

  5. Oh he's so gorgeous - I remember the early posts when you first got him! I adore the photo with just the tail poking out, so adorable. My cats are always trying to 'help' with blogging..fur, paws, tails everywhere.. x

    flawedfairytale fashion blog

  6. I love cats so I thoroughly enjoyed this post. He is so gorgeous, and he will settle down when he has grown up a little bit.


  7. Imlove cat more then anything hehheeh, love your Felix polar bear, so cuteeee!


  8. He is so cuteeeee!

  9. pahahaha! he is such a characted! sooo freeking cute! my bf has a cat almost the same accept his cat is a lot fatter lol, his name is Winston! Great post! <3 xx
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