Sunday, 29 September 2013

Week #39

Pretty lock screen | Favourite lipstick | Flexible Boulle | Poorly puss cat | Chinese style chicken curry | Mum's singer sewing machine | Behind the scenes from todays shoot

What a hectic week! It's been my first week back at university, which I've been in everyday for picking up assignment briefs and planning shoots. I'm determined to keep on top of my work load much better this year since it's my final year so I did my first shoot today in the park with my little sister modeling. It was great fun. I've got a full day booked in the studio on Tuesday so I'll definitely be sharing my creations on here a lot over the next few weeks.

I've had a sad little weekend after my little Boulle ended up in the vets on Friday afternoon. The silly little puss was playing or eating (I'm still not sure) with my lilies in the morning. Me and Dan had a good laugh at him having a yellow moustache and I was filling my Mum in about his antics on Facebook when the lady I had Boo off messaged me to say lilies are poisonous to cats. I, at this point was frantic, and my bus ride home was the longest ever. He was fine when I got home, but the vets insisted I take him in any. They were setting up a drip for his arrival and put him on it straight away. Me and Mum both left in tears, but I've spoke to the vets since and they said he's being very mischievous which sounds very much like him. I'm hoping he'll be home tomorrow, I miss him curled up next to me so much!


  1. Awww I hope hes ok!! I'm sure hes fine especially if hes back to his mischievous ways.. lol.
    Photoshoot looks fun, your sis looks so pretty, I'm loving her neon beanie.


  2. I hope your cat gets better soon :) nothing worse than when they are ill.