Sunday, 8 September 2013

Week #36

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It already seems like my holiday was a lifetime ago, but my first week back to reality has been quite a good'un. I've been in holiday mode for the last month but I'm happy to be back at work and back to blogging, not so happy about having to go back to university this month but only one more year!

I went to see the One Direction movie with my little sister on Wednesday. Eugh, why are those five boys so perfect?! I think I was the oldest person there apart from Mum's, but I don't even care, I loved it! 

Last night we had a beautiful party to celebrate what would have been my Great Nan's 100th birthday. I wore my new Missguided dress that arrived in the week and totally fell in love with it. I know I say that about every new dress, but seriously it's so comfortable and oversized it's going to carry me into autumn perfectly.


  1. Seems like you really had a good time! I also went to see the 1D movie and same here: one of the older ones. But indeed it's one of the best movies of all time. Good luck with going back to Uni, I still have 4 weeks off before I have to back. sending lots of love xx Silvi by SiNiIsland

  2. What a lovely blog you have xxx Your cat is gorgeous!!! xxx

  3. 4 yorkshire puddings!!! you lucky thing!!