Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Princess Skirt Round 2

H&M skirt
Matalan necklace
If this were an outfit post today it would feature me and my pyjamas. Yep, everyone is going back to school and starting college and I'm savouring my last few weeks off before I go back to university. I'm not looking forward to it one bit, but I started it and must now finish.

I shot this look yesterday before me and Dan went shopping. We were both looking for something to wear to a party this coming Saturday, Dan picked up some lovely shoe boots from Topman but I left empty handed, apart from new towels and cat crunchies. Wild. I am in two minds about selling this skirt. I always feel so overdressed when I do get a chance to find an occasion to wear it. At this rate there'll be nothing left in my wardrobe when I finally get round to putting it on ebay.


  1. Beautiful jacket, I was struggling to find a jacket and ended up finding one in George at Asda! x

  2. I love the skirt and how you styled it with the jacket :)

    from isabela at fusels.com | bloglovin

  3. gorgeous outfit, the skirt is styled down perfectly :)

    amy x


  4. It is a pretty skirt :)
    But I get what you mean about being overdressed :']

  5. Awwh the skirt is beautiful - wear it whenever & wherever you want is my advice! :D xx