Sunday, 1 September 2013

Week #35 - the holiday edit [mostly]

Airport arrivals | Elle's irresistable freebie | Inflight | Our boat Calypso | Good French pizza | Beautiful avenues of trees | Soppy photo | One of the many locks we faced | Sun deck tanning | Cola Calippo | A quick stop in La Redorte | The town of Trebes | Exotic | Sun down | Trebes by night | Camera and tassles | Dressed up with no place to go | Smooching my love in Capestang | Watermelon ice lollies | Missing the white one | The seven locks in a row | French pharmacy heaven | Homeward bound | Cabbage flowers | Puss cats home

Wow, this has taken me so long to compile, mostly because Boulle's home and his obsession with the keyboard continues. I've missed him though, the house seems somewhat empty when I don't have a little white fur ball whipping round my ankles all day. 

Looking back at these photos I'm so glad me and Dan decided to go with the family on this trip. Originally we were going to go to Amsterdam this summer but Dad roped us in incase Mum couldn't go. Alas she was there, as wild as ever. The views were just beautiful and the little towns we stopped at where just as picturesque. The avenues of trees along the canal won't be there much longer since a lot of them have Dutch Elm disease, which is kind of like tree cancer and they will be cut down before it spreads which is sad, but I'm so grateful I got to see it before they were gone.

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