Monday, 23 September 2013

Week #38

Bicycle shopping | Crepes in France | Missing puss cat | Sunday night mean Downton Abbey

I guess this week is what you'd call 'back to reality'. I had my induction for my final year at university and boy was it a smack in the face. All I heard all day was how "This time next year you'll be a graduate" and 'This year will fly by". In my head I try planning when I will do my project work, when I will blog and when I will fit in house work with all of that. Help me!

In other news this week, I went to look at bikes with Daniel for my 21st. I've been toying with the idea of a bike for ages since my car failed it's MOT this year. I hardly drive my car and when I do it's only short trips that would take the same time on a bicycle. Imagine what I'd save in petrol! The particular bike I've got my eye on is the Victoria Pendleton Somerby which is available from Halfords. Perfect right?


  1. The bike looks so sweet- weird word for describing a bike, i know xD

  2. Every time i get my laptop out a cat will always come over and snuggle next to it. So Cute