Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Nineteen before twenty

I created this list about March last year after seeing it on another blog. The idea of having things you want to aim to complete before your next birthday seemed kind of cute. I admittedly haven't done everything on my list, and won't deny that some things I didn't even bother trying. 

Giving Blood is still something I want to do, but after getting my tattoos I wasn't allowed. I also still want to visit the zoo, and I've got two gigs already planned for this year.

Some things like figure skating and visiting all my friends at university never happened since things took a different path last year to what I expected and I finally flew the nest.

So heres what fun I did have this year...
Do a skydive - and survive! Me and Abi did a skydive in April to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. I can honestly say I have never felt more alive that I did that day. Free falling at 120mph and just seeing fields coming towards you is breathtaking.

Since starting my degree, I have had to do more photo shoots anyway, but it has made me a lot more confident. I loved this shoot with Abi in May and this is one thing that has definitely been instilled in me now.

So the idea this year was to get one tattoo. I got my anchor in April, on the anniversary of Titanic's sinking. This is secretly for my Gramp's because he is my favourite man in the whole world, but I don't tell him that, because he'd tell me off. 'Wanderlust' I got on my last day in LA in a little tattoo studio on Melrose Avenue. It's my promise to myself to travel somewhere new every year. This year I'm staying a little closer to home and going to the beautiful Amsterdam.
My trip to LA was by far the highlight of my year. I have the debate with my brother a lot that I don't want to go on holiday to lie by a pool. I want to see the world, I saw the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame and I'm so grateful that I went. 
My plan to go shopping in London, started out with a little trip to London Fashion Weekend, followed by months yearning to go back. I went back with my Mum and sisters since I promised myself I'd visit the Olympic clock. I went from being a girl who had never been to the capital to a girl who knows thats where I'll be living one day.

20 before 21:
1 - Visit the Harry Potter studios
2 - Give blood
3 - Go to the zoo
4 - Visit a new country
5 - Be better at birthday presents and cards
6 - Make the perfect business cards
7 - Get some work experience or an internship
8 - Go Boris biking in the city
9 - Learn how to use my Diana camera
10 - Reach 500 followers on my blog
11 - Master the art of eyeliner flicks
12 - Get my 'Let it Be' tattoo
13 - Go to a gig...or two
14 - Be more adventurous at cooking
15 - Give my blog a make over
16 - Start making Youtube videos
17 - Visit the Beatles museum
18 - Work harder at university
19 - Get my own little kitten
20 - Be more creative and do more DIY projects

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  1. This is such a great idea, I might have to give this a go :) xx

  2. Such a cute idea! :) I love every single one and a lot of your goals are similar to mine. One question though... What's a gig? Never heard of it before!
    Good luck, I really love your blog ♥

  3. This is such a lovely idea, I had a birthday recently, maybe I'll write a belated list. Good luck with all of your goals, you'll have to keep us updated!

  4. I would definitely subscribe to you if you started making videos on youtube!!

  5. Great idea!! Good Luck!! We are following you now can you follow us back? Kisses

  6. Fantastic, I am doing my list later, so am getting some inspiration
    I see you like the beatles!! fantastic, you may like my tattoo....

    and check out my Liverpool beatles photos...


  7. Beautiful tattoos. So meaningful.
    I also took part in a charity skydive four years back. I agree its the best thing I've ever done. You feel invincible! x

  8. Love this post, it's such a fantastic idea to make a list like that. I may take inspiration and do it, although I can imagine I may not complete many either - but it's the thought that counts!
    Your tattoos are gorgeous too, simple yet meaningful. x

  9. Youtube is amazing for master eyeliner flicks! that's what I used!


  10. Lovely shots! Nice post, thank you for share! Also thank you so incredibly much for the comment you'd left on my blog:) Check out my new post, if you have some time;)

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  11. This is such a good idea, and what you've done is amazing! You're one closer to your 500 - love your blog xx

  12. i love lists like these- I have a 101 on my blog- but ill be taking a selection off there and doing a 21 before 22 list i think! x