Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Stay a bit longer

dress: H&M
jacket: New Look
hat: Topshop
boots: H&M
socks: Topshop
necklace: Primark
rings: H&M
lips: MAC Morange

I uploaded these photos about 20 minutes ago, then got side tracked looking on the Ikea website. They are so good at making everything desirable, and convincing us our homes could look like theirs. Sneaky devils! I was meant to take a trip today but Mum changed her mind, so my new bedding quest is on hold.

Today is a day for new things. New dress, that I picked up in H&M last week, the same as my lacy white one, but for some reason the blue one was shouting at me too. Also new lipstick, which was surprising a lot more orange when I actually applied it. It quickly grew on me though, thank god! Else that would have been a waste of £14! It was also a day for new nails, I took Mum to the nail bar to get herself a set of acrylics and to get mine filled in. I have since painted them Model's Own Beach Party from the Hedonist range, and then realised there seems to be a slightly orange theme to today aswell...

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  1. love the coat . it looks so warm!

    and your hat is lovely

    if you have time :

  2. Gorgeous outfit. I really love how the royal blue dress stands out while paired with the animal print jacket. The necklace, hat, and boots are a nice touch to the whole outfit too. Your lipstick color looks amazing on you too. :)

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. :)

  3. I love that coat! you're so pretty and you styled that dress so well!

    join my galaxy leggings GIVEAWAY!

  4. i love your lipstick!

  5. I loved the dress.You are looking stunning in this.

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  7. Great outfit you look fabulous.
    I have a hat like that, sadly with my curly hair, I look a little odd in it, nowhere near as cool as I imagined!

  8. Love this outfit!
    Katie xx

  9. Love your hat, coat and lipstick!

  10. That dress is beautiful, I love it! It looks wonderful on you xx

  11. Just found your blog!Love the leopard print combined with blue!
    Would you like to follow each other?


  12. That violet dress is just amazing! Love the rich color, and how you paired such a warm leopard coat with it <3

    Trendy Teal

  13. Love the dress!

  14. the ikea website is the ultimate distraction hah. love your coat.x

  15. I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

  16. I want that coat please, and I have mac morange and love it. xxx

  17. really cute look, especially in love with the coat my dear. and i know that about ikea it really does seem to have that effect on al adults, haha. esp. the stores too they are a maze of amazing items. i love visiting the stores and pretending i live in all their mini-flats with wonderful products. hope you are able to pick up new bedding soon! they have some really cute stuff at the moment. lovely blog my dear.
    xx rae

  18. That jacket <3 I love leopard print fur, it instantly adds loads of glamour for an everyday coat!!


  19. You look so stylish and edgy. I love that hat! :)

  20. Love the blue lace dress! Paired against the leopard coat, it just completely pops out! xx

  21. love the electric blue dress, so nice on you love =)

    Yati from Malaysia

  22. Thats really, really awesome.

    Have a great weekend, sweety!


  23. Ooooh I love your leopard print coat, its fantastic! x

  24. I've just come across your blog and I love it! This dress is amazing, absolutely love the colour and you pull it off really well!
    I've followed you!
    Anna xo

  25. I love this dress, I have it in black and white but I might have to pick up this colour aswell! I think the orange lipstick and nails look great against the blue dress. Great post xx

  26. That's such a lovely dress!
    I'm a new follower :)