Sunday, 20 January 2013

Week #3

 Baby's first birthday // Blogging from bed 
 Counting out my money // Me and Abi made a cake! 
 Fresh new nails // Modelling MAC Morange 
 Morange in the bullet // Pre snow fall outfit 
 Models Own Beach Party // Snowy back garden 
Snowy days spent like this // My first outing 
 Saturday afternoon treats // Fresh new sheets 
My lip saviour

I've had an extremely quiet week considering I've not been at work or university. I ventured to hand in a sketchbook and essay on Monday and got my haircut and nails done on Wednesday. The snow started falling and cabin fever slowly set in, by the time Saturday came I was determined to leave the house. So me and Daniel took a trip to Ikea in his trusty little Polo and paid a visit to the retail park just down the road too.

I thought I was in university tomorrow, but it turns out I only have to go in this week for my modules that are year-long so I'm going to make the most today's fresh layering of snow and take my little camera out. I've been so envious of everyone else's white covered photos but I just couldn't bring myself to brave the cold.

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  1. Your nails are absolutely beautiful, the nude colour is so lovely! ^.^ I adore those bedsheets, everytime I see them in the shop I feel pulled to buy them..I must do it next time!!

  2. Awesome photos :) I'm addicted to instagrm too.

  3. thanks! i love the lipstick xx

  4. great post, really love it.

  5. Great pics!!!! Love the red lipstick!!!

  6. Heyy, thank you for stopping by my blog! My kittens are now 9weeks old, I got them when they were seven weeks They are lovely, I definitely recommend! pretty blog too <3

  7. Love that tartan scarf! I want it

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  8. Ohh I have those sheets on my bed as I to love Ikea :)! xx

  9. Love your pictures, just been reading February issue of Company it's so good! :) x

  10. I always like to see your week photos! I'm very curious about that book Blog,inc do you think it's a good book for bloggers? I was wondering to buy it.

  11. Enjoy the snow!

  12. Love the Models Own polish. I need to get my hands on that!