Sunday, 6 January 2013

Week #1

 Trafalgar Square // Taken 2 with Daniel 
Ask Italian //Oxford St. 
NYE outfits // London fireworks
Just after the fireworks // Beautiful city 

 Oxford St treat // Early birthday present to myself 
Elegant-Chaos's first birthday // H&M Taupe
 Fit's in my Avon sleeve perfectly // Organising my spends 
 Sunrise on my birthday // Present's just from Daniel 
 Traditional birthday meal in Wetherspoons // Flower delivery from Daniel

So here it is. My first week of 2013. It's been a mighty good'un. After starting my week/new year in London, as you've probably already seen, I headed back to Shropshire and straight to Curry's to buy my Macbook. Thanks for the discount Nick! I went out for birthday meals on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, of which I photographed two outfit posts, keep your eyes peeled this week for those. 

I was well and truly spoilt on my birthday! Daniel got me nearly everything on my birthday wishlist and I even had flowers delivered - he's definitely a keeper! I'm looking forward to seeing Lana Del Rey in May which was a present from Mum and Dad.

Hope your first week of 2013 has been as good as mine. I've had my fun on Christmas and my birthday, time to settle down again with all the fun things I'm planning.

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  1. Love your tartan scarf and wish I was going to see lana del ray!

    Now following. Your blog is lovely! Would be great to follow each oyher.


  2. Happy Birthday :) Nice pictures!

    You have such a nice blog! I am following you now and would be so happy if you could follow me back :)

    Have a nice day!