Friday, 26 August 2016

32 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

Better late than never I guess! I'm actually 33 weeks + 1 now but I've been trying since Wednesday to get a good enough internet connection to upload this. I tell you what, it's like coming to the end of the earth here. There's also no photos again this week, because it would probably take a week just to upload them. 

How far along?
32 weeks + 6 days.

Total weight gain?
I still haven't been able to weigh myself since I've been here.

Maternity clothes?
Most of the maternity tops I bought early on in my pregnancy in a size small are starting to look quite tight now. There is nothing I hate more than tight tops stretched over my bump so they'll probably have to retire soon. They've served me well though, I've got one stripey top that I bought in a medium which is still mega loose on me so that's good, and H&M's long basic t-shirts are great.

Stretch marks?
Still going overtime on the Bio Oil. I really am shocked I've managed this far without any on my belly.

I have to get up now at least once a night to pee. Which is fine whilst we're in the caravan because there's a door straight into the bathroom from the bedroom, but I hate it at home when it's dark and I have to run past the stairs in case the monsters get me. 
Best moment this week?
There hasn't been one defining moment this week, but these last few days I've been really grateful that we've managed to spend our last summer as a twosome up here by the beach. It was quite bittersweet with things at work to begin with and Kyle's moaned, I've moaned and we've fallen out, but we'll always have these memories before little one comes and I'm so glad for that.

Miss anything?
My little kitty. Mum keeps me updated on his mischievous behaviour everyday but I can't wait to curl up on the sofa with him. He's going to hate Sacha coming home, he's been King of the house for the last 5 weeks so he's definitely going to have to learn to share again.

Me and Kyle got up to some funny business the other night (TMI, sorry!) and I spent pretty much the entire next day worrying that something bad had happened because normally when I wake up so does baby. It didn't move until the afternoon and I was so ready to head off to Bangor hospital. Lazy bones finally woke up though and has made up for it since.

Food cravings?
All I ever want are ice lollies. I don't care which as long as they're sweet.

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Just the giant dog poo that Sacha decided to drop right behind my feet when I was washing up the other day. Luckily the kitchen in the caravan is vinyl so Kyle cleaned it up no issues. She's being such a monkey at the moment!

Usually a conversation with someone new starts with them asking me how far I am, then they'll ask if we know what we're having, then they'll ask if we're gonna find out the sex. I find that such a weird question, like I've got less than two months left why would we bother now. I'm still so glad we never found out. The only problem now though is a name...

Labour signs?
No signs, just Braxton Hicks still. I get asked a lot if I'm scared about labour, but I'm not, at the end of the day it's got to come out. The only thing I'd hate is if my labour lasted for ages. 

Heartburn is still nasty at night time, and my little toes have looked a little more like cocktail sausages the last few days but other than that I feel good. 

Belly button in or out?

Happy and content. We're on the home stretch now so I can't complain.

Looking forward to?
A potential trip to Ikea when we get home, via Mamas and Papas. Their new collection is such beautiful autumn colours - perfect for an October baby's bedroom I think! I could literally spend all my money in Mamas and Papas, and on Stokke products, their stuff is my all time favourite.

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