Thursday, 18 August 2016

31 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

How far along?
31 weeks + 6 days.

Total weight gain?
I'm not actually sure this week. I'm in Wales and haven't been able to weigh myself. I'm still being told I look quite small which is a bonus I guess.

Maternity clothes?
I actually took some photos for an outfit post which I'll probably try uploading on Friday (if the wifi is on my side). I thought I'd share one of my maternity looks that I've been wearing quite a bit.

Stretch marks?
I'm still doing good on this front. I bought a new bottle of Bio Oil last week which will hopefully last until after baby arrives and I'm just moisturising religiously. My skin is so itchy at the moment though but I'm putting that down to my support I was given at physio for my SPD.

Gone are the nights of great sleep, although the physiotherapist said there isn't a position at this point in pregnancy that will be comfy all night. It's just secretly our bodies way of preparing for all those night feeds and nappy changes. At the moment it hits about 2.30 and I start flagging and I'm ready for an afternoon nap.

Best moment this week?
Mum bought a load of wool back in April and gave it to my Nan to work her magic. Her and Grandad visited Friday with a box full of cardigans and blankets and I was so over the moon. Amy visited on Friday too which was lovely and I had a visit of Charlotte on Monday. A lot of people go on about their friends who don't have children losing interest when someone becomes pregnant so I'm feeling very lucky to have so many incredible people around me. 

Miss anything?
I could say I miss being at home. I think Sacha does too. Any chance she gets the last few weeks she's legged it out of the caravan and ran away she even jumped over the fence on the balcony the other day, she's either bored or senses that the baby's coming and is rebelling. I wish I could take her for a walk in the day whilst Kyle is working but she pulls on her lead too much and my pelvis just couldn't handle it.

Same as it was. I drank a can of that Kia Black Grape stuff yesterday and baby had hiccups for about 15 minutes. I rested the can on my belly and it kept jiggling. I thought going swimming would get it a little excited but nothing.

Food cravings?
Not this week. I've even ran out of tip tops in the tiny caravan freezer. 

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Not this week, thank god!

When Nan visited she did the needle test on my belly. To begin with she did it on my hand and it was swinging side to side which means a boy. Then she did it again on my belly and it was going round which means a girl. I've had so many people this week telling me it's a girl though. Charlotte even turned up at mine with frilly socks, I had to remind her that it could still be a boy.

Labour signs?
Still just the occasional Braxton Hicks, I'm not even peeing as much as I thought I would be by this point. The student midwife said on Friday that baby is still head down but not engaged yet which is a good sign. One thing I'd really hate is for baby to come before 37 weeks, I'm already worried enough with my blood group, iron levels and GBS so at least baby is doing what it's meant to in there.

Nothing new. I can sometimes feel the heartburn in my throat but nothing that a couple of spoons of Gaviscon can't clear. My iron levels had gone from 99 to 101 at my last appointment and the midwife said she'd check them again at my 34 weeks appointment. I'm just struggling with iron rich foods at the moment but I'm still on my tablets. 

Belly button in or out?

Tired. I'm not sure that's a mood but I'm feeling a lot sleepier than I used to. Impatient as well. I'd never wish baby out before it's due date, I really hate when people do that but I feel like I've had 8 weeks left for the last two weeks.

Looking forward to?
The baby swing I ordered last week arrived this morning at home so I can't wait to start setting things up. It's grey melange, just like my pram, and I love it so much. 

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