Thursday, 11 August 2016

30 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

How far along?
30 weeks + 6 days.

Total weight gain?
I'm still sitting at 10st 12lb, which still surprises me especially with how little walking I've done compared to a few weeks ago. I have quite literally jumped in my car to go everywhere.

Maternity clothes?
I've not bought anything new, I don't really want to now if i'm honest. It seems I have expensive taste in baby items so I'd much rather spend it on that than on clothes that I'm only going to wear for the next couple of months. Some people tell me I'll wear my maternity clothes after baby is born, but I bloody won't be! I'm giving myself a couple of weeks grace in maternity clothes but you won't catch me wobbling round for months after in them.

Stretch marks?
We're still doing good on the stretch mark front. I don't think my belly button is going to ever fully recover but hey ho. 

The pain in my pelvis has meant I spend most of my night rolling from one side to the other. It's okay though because now I've finished work I tend to have a nap every afternoon. I don't even feel guilty, especially since the doctor told me last week that if I'm at home watching TV to lie on the floor. Yeah sure, I'll just spend the next ten weeks lay on my living room floor...

Best moment this week?
It wasn't the greatest week, 30 weeks started quite emotionally on Thursday after I got signed off from work. I spent all day in tears on and off with Mum demanding the doctor sees me then I eventually saw my midwife after two days of trying to get hold of her. So many people kept telling me I needed to rest and look after myself and baby but I was determined to do my last two weeks at work. You just gotta admit defeat sometimes, there was no way I could manage two more weeks of eight hour shifts on my feet all day. But anyway, seeing Kyle running towards when I arrived back in Wales on Thursday night was my favourite moment, boy had I missed him.

Miss anything?
It might seem really lame but I miss work. I've worked at H&M for the last five and a half years so to go from that to nothing without even any notice is so rubbish. I feel like I've been cheated out of my last day, especially with my little Amy, I feel like I've just abandoned her. 

I'm currently sat here with a little foot stuck in my rib; I think it's taken up residency in there. It's still as wriggly as ever though, but apparently it should pretty much stay how it is for the next nine weeks.

Food cravings?
Not really.  

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Not this week, thank god!

I had another dream last night that we had a girl, and some lady in the swimming pool yesterday told me it's a girl because I haven't really popped out. Everybody has their own theories though don't they so I just smile and nod at people now.

Labour signs?
Still just the occasional Braxton Hicks. Mum's started to panic me that because of the SPD and me being small framed I might go into labour early. My hospital bag is being packed in the next few days just in case!

I've started getting heartburn more often in the evening, luckily Mum managed to sort me a big bottle of Gaviscon on my prescription with my iron tablets, I tell you what, that lady has been on fire this last week! I've also developed SPD which is a real bummer. I hate that sometimes I can feel okay then all of a sudden it'll come back with a vengeance. I thought I'd be okay popping into Barmouth for some food shopping on Sunday and I'd hobbled half way across the car park before realising that I was going to have to get back to the car with shopping bags. I managed four things and practically crawled back. I got back to Kyle who was working and just cried in frustration. My midwife has referred me to physio so hopefully they can fix me up sooner rather than later because I've got so much to do in the next ten weeks and 'resting' isn't really on my agenda.

Belly button in or out?

Frustrated and bored. I hate saying I'm bored because I always have to be doing something but I've been so cautious not to overdo it this last week as I really don't want to end up on crutches. The midwife has already warned me that if my iron levels don't pick back up I won't be well enough to look after baby when it arrives. 

Looking forward to?
Getting back to my love. But not until a busy day tomorrow and a couple of appointments on Friday. I've got my whooping cough jab first then an appointment with my midwife straight after. 

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