Monday, 16 February 2015

Nothing special

H&M jumper
Topshop Jamie jeans
Missguided coat
H&M hat
Primark shoes
H&M necklace

This is what Sunday dressing looks like for me. The kind of Sunday when I only intend on leaving the house for Sunday dinner at my families or Dan's. I realised that Spring is fast approaching (at least I've got it into my head it is) and I'd never actually shared this jumper I got from H&M way back in the Autumn. I've got a grey one too and they've served me well this winter. The white one has got a few pulls on it - visual merchandiser woes - but they're still my favourite to throw on whilst the days are a little chilly. 

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  1. I love how simple this outfit is. The hat is a cracker! x

  2. I adore this outfit Lindsey, just so so gorgeous x

  3. love your oversized coat!

  4. I love your purple hat and coat :)


  5. I am going to need these primark shoes in my life! This outfit is so beautiful and I bet it's very comfy as well! x

  6. Love the pairing of the camel and burgundy hun! xx

  7. You look lovely babe, I adore your hat :) x

  8. Simplicity is always the best option :)

    \ Indigo Lights