Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Sunday Post: Things I like to do on a Sunday

It's no secret that Sunday is my favourite day of the week. They always feel more relaxed, but at the same time productive, here's some ways I like to spend them.

1. Read. At the moment it's the A Song of Ice and Fire series.
2. Write up a to do list for the week ahead.
3. Dust a few rooms, I'm never quite productive enough to do them all.
4. Catch up on my favourite shows.
5. Go out for breakfast with Dan, we often end up in Bella Italia.
6. Change the bedding.
7. Take photos for the blog.
8. Go for Sunday lunch at my family or Dan's.
9. Plan my outfits for the week ahead.
10. Spend a little time perusing the internet, most likely I'll be watching Youtube videos or looking at apartments in New York.
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  1. cute pic!

  2. I adore Sundays too, except when I have to work! :D x