Monday, 2 February 2015

The lazy girls guide to fit

I'm slowly transitioning from lazy to lunges, and when I say slowly, I mean slowly. I find it so hard this time of year to find the motivation to exercise when all I want to do when I finish work is go home and wrap up in layers of cosy clothes. Here's a few of my tips to bear in mind.

Start small There's no point going straight in like a bull in a china shop with a 10k run or the heaviest weights. Start small, keep it simple even if it just means doing a 30 ab or squat challenge. It's definitely worth watching tutorials online just to check that your technique is right. You don't want a set back with an injury before you've even started.

Don't expect miracles overnight Similar to above, don't expect to be running marathons after a week of working out. And you won't get abs overnight either (I know this disappointment). Change takes time but even after a few weeks I've noticed improvements in my stamina and strength.

Get the right kit I find that since I started wearing the right clothes and had the right equipment I felt the part more and didn't mind getting changed into my gym gear. I absolutely love the H&M sports wear, it's the only place I buy from. Also if you intend on working out from home like I do, I'd recommend getting a work out mat. Mine was something silly like £2 from Primark.

Find what suits you I still struggle now with running and that's completely my own fault. I've never been a runner and don't stick to a regular routine so can't complain when I make no changes. My Dad on the other hand runs, swims and cycles every other day, he puts me to shame! I prefer a workout DVD or a Yoga session, try out different things and you'll find what suits you, but be sure to switch it up every so often because once your body gets used to the same workout you stop seeing the benefits.

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  1. Great tips to get into working out! I adore Adrienne's and Cassey's videos! x