Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What I bought: February

I've noticed I've started to move away from H&M, I'm not keen on their latest Divided range, although the Hennes collection is gorgeous. I bought the black vest in a size 14 because I wanted it to be a baggier fit.
These black lace up boots have been sat in my eBay watch list for ages, so when I was having a browse and they'd been reduced I snapped them up straight away. It worked out about £16 including P+P.
Originally I picked up two of these Veet Hair Minimising Moisturiser, but put one back on the shelf incase I wasn't impressed. It's safe to say I was and I'll definitely be repurchasing this. I know it's not the most glamorous thing to talk about but it definitely makes my hair thinner between shaves.
This black mask was bought for a photo shoot that took place in a graveyard a few weeks ago. When I've uploaded and edited the photos I'll definitely share them with you! 
We all know I love my Topshop Leigh jeans. Daniel bought me a new black pair for Valentines day. Still a big recommendation of mine.
Since planning my holiday I've decided I'm going to get fit. Joining the gym is a no-go for me, I think it's a rip off, so for £5.00 I ordered this out of the Avon and every morning before my shower I'm doing a little cardio.
I had a pair of socks for my birthday that I was never going to wear. Since I hate things going to waste I thought I'd pop in Primark and change that one pair for these two pairs of beauties.

I need to seriously spice up this feature, if I had a camera that recorded I'd do a video, but I'm currently saving for my holiday. I just don't think it's very interesting. If you have any ideas let me know!

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  1. I'm with you on not going to the gym. I like to walk outdoors and follow some pilates workouts on dvd! Hahah. Swooning over those shoes! Can't wait to see how you wear these things!

  2. Looks like some cute stuff you bought! I love the mask :D

    Trendy Teal

  3. Great purchases, I especially love the eBay boots. Totally with you on h&m's Divided range, some of it does look a little tacky. Might have to give that Veet moisturiser a try too!

  4. hi darling this is a fab post. looks like you picked up a ton of great thing and that jump rope reminds me that i should start to try to exercise more in my flat. it is a bit hard cos i don't have enough space to jumprope i think, but i love to watch blogilaties! love those shoes so much too. would love to own a pair. do you have a link to the seller?
    xx rae

  5. thanks for the comment on my blog. love the boots!

  6. Me gusta tu blog, sobre todo el diseño que le has dado.

    Un besín guapa.

  7. I love those boots, and yes, Topshop Leigh jeans are so nice! I used to get them when I lived in the UK and I miss them so much! Just chanced upon your blog, it's beautiful :) xo, Ellie

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  9. very nice purchases!

    Your blog is very nice and interesting!

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  10. Hiya! just in relpy to your comment on my blog about nail rock nail wraps, they dont chip or fade, you simply just remove with nail polish remover. You can also apply a top coat over them to protect them if you like. I love the love heart ones too, very cute and girly. Oh and I have the shoes pictured here, they are super comfy but I am about 6 foot in them so no one likes standing beside me when I have them on :) xx

  11. Lovely mask!!!! great shooping!!!!!!!!!!
    Angela Donava

  12. Great purchases! Loving the boots and mask! <3


  13. nice post
    do you want to follow each other?

  14. I am in love with that mask! I bet that would look gorgeous on!

  15. Those boots are cuch a bargin. I just found your blog and i love it. Great post!! Would you like to follow each other? I always return the follow