Sunday, 24 February 2013

Week #8

Between lectures spent reading blogs // Caught in the Crossfire exhibition
 Sunshine on the coach home // Coming up in the next few months
 Walking home in the cold // Testing out BarryM textured polish
 Frozen grapes // Sorting out my jewellery
 Friday afternoon spent watching Perks // Doritos and Hummus snack time

After spending the week at Mum and Dad's playing with my niece and nephew I just couldn't bear to go home. I will explain more in tomorrows post but I took a few trips this week to pick up my stuff then moved the rest today. It's so lovely being back with my family for a few weeks before me and Daniel move in together. 

I took a trip to Coventry on Tuesday to visit a gallery exhibition Caught in the Crossfire. It was so interesting seeing how different artists respond to conflicts from the past and present. If you're in the Coventry area I'd definitely recommend popping in as it's on until 7th July.

I hope you've all had a lovely week and enjoy the last week of February. Not long until the sun will be coming out.

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  1. Lucky you're going to see One Direction!!! I'm hopefully going to see them in concert in July!


  2. I love your glasses!

  3. Haha I spend my spare uni' free time reading blogs too. Love yours!
    Fashion Ganache.

  4. Ive nominated you for the liebster award! - xox

  5. so jealous you're seeing lana - i love her! love your round glasses too :D xx