Sunday, 3 February 2013

Week #5

 Ready for what comes my way // Visit to the Ikon gallery
 My Auntie's gorgeous bunnies // Treats from Mum's  
 A speedy breakfast // Frankie & Bennys lunch date with Daniel
 Lemon sorbet - the only dessert I like // Topshop reading 
 Just after I had my hair chopped in Autumn 2010 // On the face 
 A failed outfit post // A windy outtake 
 Sister trying on prom dresses // Belated New Years celebrations 
Writing blog posts on the train.

This week has been a fun one. I visited a gallery in Birmingham with university on Tuesday which was quite interesting. I'm come to love visiting galleries, especially when I'm in London.

I instagramed a lot of food this week, especially after mine and Daniel's lunch date in Frankie and Bennys. It's so important for us to do these little dates every now and then, just to keep things fun, sometimes our busy schedules are just so draining, but we'll always make time for each other.

I started my work placement on Saturday but I'm saving those photos for a separate post. After Saturday's long day of dress rehearsal I got the train home and went to Mum and Dad's for a belated New Year party. My Mum was hit by that terrible flu that was going around so their New Year plans got cancelled so we celebrated more in sync with the Chinese New Year. I hope you've all had a lovely week, and have some lovely things lined up for this coming week. 
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  1. I just love the first photo, you look amazing! Great photos!

  2. I like the way your fashion brain works.

  3. That first photograph reminds me of one of Lana Del Ray. That's a compliment, haha! Hope you have a lovely upcoming week too xoxo

  4. Really nice pictures... mainly the ones with food! Oh, food!

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  5. The very first picture of you is so pretty! Cute little picture of your makeup as well! I'd love some Real Techniques brushes.

  6. Such cute instagrams! I'll have to find you on there :)

    Trendy Teal

  7. amazing pics! Do u want to follow each other o gfc and fb? Kisses from Norway!

  8. Awh wow I love the idea of a belated NYE...hope you had fun!xx

  9. Your aunties bunnies are soo cute!

    P.S YAY! 200 followers x

    V from

  10. Omgness your bunnies are beautiful! I have a rabbit called Keith and i love him!! thanks for the comment on my blog, yours is fab too! xxx I'm following u

  11. How do you get your instagram pictures on here like this?! xx