Wednesday, 25 May 2016

19 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

How far along?
19+6 days. I honestly can't believe we're halfway tomorrow. I remember the 4th February when we found out I was a tiny four weeks pregnant, it's just flown by in the blink of an eye.
Total weight gain?
I weighed myself this morning and was 10st exactly. It really does vary what time of day I weigh myself and whether I've eaten or not. Sometimes I drop back down into the 9st but more often than not these days I'm 10st.

Maternity clothes?
No new maternity stuff this week. Everyone keeps telling me the last few weeks my belly has just popped out so I'm making the most of fitting in my normal clothes for a little while longer.

Stretch marks?
Still just on my boobies.

Still not interrupted, occasionally by the kitty or puppy but by no fault of the baby.

Best moment this week?
Getting to see baby at our second scan last Friday was lovely. It's grown so much since we last saw it (obviously!) so there was no somersaults this time round, things are starting to look a bit squashy in there. We got the creepiest scan photo too of baby looking right at us, it looks like a skull!

Miss anything?
Nothing instantly pops into my head so I guess not. I'm actually loving pregnancy, I find everything so fascinating, and could happily stand in front of the mirror for ages staring at my changing body.

I get asked at least once a day if I've felt any movement, but still not a peep. There's definitely a baby though, just a very sleepy one.
Food cravings?
Nothing still. I'm kinda sad I haven't had any really weird cravings. I guess my diet not changing is a bonus though. If I'd all of a sudden started chomping down the chocolate or something I don't think the scales would be quite so forgiving then.

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Just a cat sick incident this week after stealing a raw chicken breast. Serves him right really. 

I made it pretty clear to the sonographer that we had no intentions of finding out the gender, just incase she slipped up. I asked her at the end if she knew and she said she didn't even bother looking. We also nearly settled on a girls name but after the few days it took me to decide I actually really liked it Kyle told me we couldn't because that's what his cousin is naming her baby girl. Damn!

Labour signs?

I'm still just achy. I don't manage a full day at work now without aching, I'll often steal a cheeky five minute sit down here and there when I can. Oh and I noticed this morning just how thick my hair has gotten.

Belly button in or out?

I'm feeling really motivated these last few days. We've been here nearly a month now and we're pretty settled in, but now I'm itching to get decorating. I want the living room and our bedroom decorated by the time baby gets here.

Looking forward to?
A weekend by the seaside. My dear Amy is off work this week so I'm all by myself. I think by Friday I'm going to be desperate to get away for the weekend.

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