Thursday, 19 May 2016

18 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

How far along?
18+6 when these photos were taken, but I was far too tired last night to upload them and I'm 19 weeks today.
Total weight gain?
I'm sat at 10st 4lbs now. So in total since January I've put on a stone. I don't know if that's about right for where I am or not but I'm not worried since I don't think I've got any bigger anywhere else apart from around my middle.

Maternity clothes?
Sometimes H&M let us have one transaction at 50% off so I went in and tried a load of maternity clothes on. I find a lot of it quite mumsie and not very me, and I'm not willing to change how I dress if I don't think it's me. I did buy a pair of shorts though, and a dress that wasn't maternity.

Stretch marks?
Just my boobs. They look in a sorry state at the moment and you know what, I'm totally okay with that.

I'm still making the most of the good nights sleep I'm getting. I probably have one bad night every week and that's it. 
Best moment this week?
Seeing my dear friend Charlotte who I've not seen for nearly 12 months. She came round last week for a catch up and didn't end up leaving until about 5 hours later, I like them kind of evenings. She even came with a sweet little gift for baby, I think she's more eager than we are to find out the gender.

Miss anything?
Nothing. Maybe just not aching so much.

Still nothing. People keep saying about 'flutters' but what on earth does a flutter feel like?! And that it might feel like wind, but how do you know what's actual wind and what's the baby.
Food cravings?
Nope. But Kyle said I needed to include tip tops because I can never have just one.

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Nothing for a change.

I was saying the other day that I can't picture the baby as a boy or a girl, like I can't think about the future and think of a little boy running around the house or a little girl. Kyle's got a gut feeling this last week or so that it's a girl.
Labour signs?

Just general aches and pains. This week my bum cheeks, hips and legs have been hurting. I also get this horrible throb 'down there' when I've been stood up for a long time at work; TMI I know. 

Belly button in or out?
In, there's a tiny part of my inny that looks like it's making it's way out.

Happy, excited. My angst about not feeling anything yet has gone. 

Looking forward to?
Our second scan tomorrow. I'm really not into the 3D and 4D scans that you can pay for so I really cherish these old school ultrasound scans.

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