Sunday, 17 January 2016

Long trousers, short legs

H&M trousers
H&M blouse [similar here]
H&M coat
Primark shoes [similar here]

One thing I hate about trousers is that no matter what, they will always be ever so slightly too long on me. These were no exception. No shoe I wore looked right apart from these Primark heels. I just loved the pattern though, I think these trousers with a bright orange vest in the summer will be just perfect. I best invest in some hemming tape before then I think.

Here's the first peek at my new Michael Kors watch that Kyle brought me for Christmas. Isn't it just so pretty! I think a watch collection might be something that might happen, although at the moment I've only got two, but I'm really eyeing up the Daniel Wellington watches. Something else I like to collect is sunglasses. Every. Damn. Year. I've already bought my first pair, only from Primark mind, but for some reason I get it into my head that I must buy them straight away even if it is bloody snowing outside!

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  1. great look! love your pants!

  2. This is such a sweet look, you look fab Lindsey x

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