Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Sunday Post: Things to keep in Mind

1. Your skin may never be perfect and that's okay. Everyone has pores, lines or blemishes, they're all part of who we are. You are unique and one of a kind. Real life doesn't come with an airbrushing tool.

2. Don't be so hard on yourself all the time. Buy the shoes, eat the slice of cake, find happiness in the little things. Just because you are having a bad day, doesn't mean you have a bad life. It will pass.

3. Don't compare your life to the lives of people on social media. Nobody wants to post about the bad stuff, but everybody has ups and downs, it's a fact of life. Remember that the next time you're scrolling through Instagram.

4. Be yourself. If you want to spend your Saturday night at home with your cat, watching films in your pants, you go right ahead.

5. Stop worrying so much. You don't have to have your life figured out, not everyone knows what they want to do. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll get there in the end. Focus on what makes you happy, that is the most important thing in life.

6. Ignore the obsession with the thigh gap, if you have one, you have one. If your thighs happen to touch when your legs are together that is  f i n e. Whatever shape or size, you have a beautiful body and a beautiful mind. The amount of space between your thighs does not define who you are.

7. Call your parents / friends / siblings more, send them a nice text, ask them how they're doing. It takes a few seconds, and these are the people who will always be there. Keep them close.

8. Make time for yourself. Have a bubble bath, make yourself a hot chocolate. Even if you put twenty minutes aside before bed to relax and take a moment for yourself.

9. Put your phone away when you're with your partner / family / friends, turn it off, put it in your bag. We're all guilty of this one, but you'll have better conversations, you'll see entire TV shows. Sometimes the best moments are the ones that don't make it to Instagram because you're too busy enjoying them.

10. Confidence, kindness and manners. These things are so important. Always be kinder than you feel. Oh and always be nice to animals, always.

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  1. Lovely inspirational!

    Kindness is always important.