Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Sunday Post: 25 facts about me

1. I'm one of seven children.
2. I'm a visual merchandiser for H&M.
3. I have a degree in Photography.
4. I have a naughty white cat called Boulle.
5. I live on my own with said naughty cat.
6. I have three tattoos.
7. I had dance lessons for over 10 years and performed on stage in numerous theatres and shows.
8. My favourite place I've visited was LA. America will always make my heart a little weak.
9. I passed my driving test first time.
10. My favourite cocktail is Pina Colada.
11. I did a skydive three years ago for Breast Cancer.
12. I'm a whole five feet and two inches tall.
13. Peonies are my favourite flower.
14. When I really like a song I play it until I hate it.
15. I'm determined to have a mint green Fiat 500 by this time next year.
16. I'm useless at texting people back.
17. I'm also always late.
18. I'm an Instagram addict.
19. Fish is my least favourite food.
20. I'd choose cheese over chocolate any day.
21. My favourite colour is blue.
22. I'm almost certain I was meant to be born in New York.
23. My favourite TV shows are Game of Thrones and Gossip Girl.
24. I'm a Capricorn and have a lot of Capricorn traits; ambitious, stubborn, shy.
25. I'm travelling to New York and Miami on my own in November.

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1 comment:

  1. Great post
    id love to also have a fiat they are so cute
    cant wait to read your new york posts in November