Monday, 2 March 2015

Things I love to buy, but don't need

Is it sad that I buy myself flowers often on a weekly basis? They end up on the shopping list every week because I can't bear to not have at least one bunch around the house. At the moment I favour daffodils, but I'm holding out a couple more months until it's peony season.  
I placed an order for new bedding for the spare room a few weeks ago and I'm not one bit guilty about the five cushions I ordered. Excessive, maybe, but just look how pretty they all are. Needless to say I have a bit of a thing for bedding. I quite often have to have a quiet word with myself in the middle of Primark that I don't need a set of bedding with pineapples on it.
Rings are something I love love love to buy but in fact rarely wear. I only buy cheap ones from Primark or H&M, but I always forget to put them on or just don't like wearing them for work incase I ruin them. 
My love for stripes is no secret but I just can't help myself. A breton stripe is just a timeless classic and just gravitate towards them. This little H&M number is my current favourite.
I've got that many trinkets and candles now that I've actually started to tissue wrap some away in boxes and get them out on rotation. Put it this way, I definitely need more shelf space in more than one room.
I've got a drawer full of empty notebooks in my office, yet if I find another I like I can't stop myself. One person does not need 10 notebooks, I need to remind myself this from time to time. I absolutely love this Martha Stewart one from Staples.
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  1. I am terrible with notebooks, I buy them ALL the time with not much use for them! Also flowers are always neccessary! :)

  2. I'm exactly the same way with notebooks and stationary in general. I have draws full of the stuff, unused at home. But if I ever spy a funky design, I'm all over it! x

  3. Ah stripes, I need more in my wardrobe :) x