Sunday, 11 November 2012

Week #45

  Working hard in my office // On my way to university
 Carbs for dinner! // Me and Daniel on Bonfire night 
 What I wore // Streamed this on iTunes for free...TWICE 
 Selling this cardigan // Before bed 
 Can't live without these // Essie nails 
 What I wore // Tiny turtle 
 Cocktails at Date night // Daniel 
 A mirror shot before rushing out // Trying dresses on during my lunch 
 The other one i tried // My sisters, minus two.
 Selling these two as well.

It's been a quieter week than last week, I've still been panicking about photography projects left, right and centre, but I've just got to ride with it and remember that Christmas is coming. I'm probably going to put a few things on my ebay in the next few weeks. I'll give my wardrobe a clear out, then a couple of months later, there'll be things that I think 'I don't want to wear that again'. 

I'm off to London on Wednesday for the Company Fashion Forum. Who knows maybe it'll be my lucky break for a job in fashion! I can't wait to get out of Telford for a few days, it's been about 2 months since I last visited the Capital - way too long! Expect Instagram overload.

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