Monday, 26 November 2012

This light is contagious

dress: H&M
jacket: eBay
scarf: unknown
boots: H&M
watch: Red Herring
earrings: Avon (similar here)

Only a few photos of todays outfit since I was in a rush to get to university. I had a meeting about an exhibition that we're putting together for one of our projects but when I got there, there was nobody there. According to the email, it still happened, but I'm not sure where. So I'm pretty annoyed about that, it's about an hour there and an hour back which could have been spent working from home.

This is what I threw on today, I stayed at Daniels last night so before work yesterday I packed my bag and just threw in something simple. Same goes for my hair too; my simple clipped up messy hairstyle seems to be my go-to at the moment. It seems pointless to make any effort given the weather. I am extremely happy to have my middle parting back though, even changing my parting occasionally gives my hair a bit of a refresh.


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I really like the look you're wearing, suits you so well! Let's keep in touch, I'd love to!

  2. love the combo !
    your fab follower
    >give my blog a look too? :)

  3. Such a lovely taupe dress, and I love the black accents you added - perfect touch of edginess. And nice thick knit scarf :)

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  4. Love your leather jacket and the photography!