Wednesday, 11 April 2018

My Spring wishlist for the home

We've lived here nearly two years now and I'm desperate to start adding the little touches to make it more homely. Our living room has been decorated 19 months now and we still just have the wires having out of the wall for new wall lights. Willow's room has been decorated nearly a year and she still doesn't have a light in there! Don't get me wrong there's still big purchases I want like a new sofa but for now there are smaller things we can add that will hopefully make it look a little more finished.
1. Wall lights for the living room -  As I mentioned before it's been a long time since we had wall lights in the living room. I'm just so picky about finding something that doesn't completely match our ceiling light but still compliments it. I think these glass ones will look nice but in all black, at least then they'll work with our wire lampshade. 
2. Light fitting for Willow's bedroom - It's taken me a long time to find a light fitting for Willow's room that I really like. I stumbled across a home instagram account (@thehomethatjomade) and was weeks deep into her profile, I can quite easily scroll through home accounts for hours, then I came across the feather light shade. Did a quick google and found one not too big from B&Q that will look so pretty in Willow's room.
3. Rug for living room - The one thing I've wanted ever since we had the wood floor put down in the living room. I did a poll on my Instagram story between two patterned rugs that I was trying to choose between. I definitely want something with a bit of a pattern just so if it's dirty the pattern will hide it a bit better than if it were one solid colour. But part of me still wasn't sold on either of them. 
4. A shelf for Willow's bedroom - Willow got so many beautiful bits from her Christening back in September and I've just had nowhere to display them. She's only really got her window ledge, but I hate when they look cluttered from the outside, so I'd like a shelf, or maybe two, to go just above her chest of drawers. I could picture a white shelf with wooden brackets but was really struggling to find what I wanted, and let me tell you, browsing shelves online in boring! I've settled on the Ikea Ekby Valtar/Ekby Laiva shelf but I'm going to stain or paint the shelf part white (I'll consult Dad on what's best!)
5. Rug for Willow's room - There's a bit of a theme for Willow's bedroom going on but I just want her to have a lovely little space with personalised touches. She's had a throw since she was a baby that we've always used as a playmat on the floor, it's really thick like a rug, although it was much thicker until I washed it on a hot setting. It's currently on the floor in her bedroom but it's too big and it just slides around so I want a smaller to make the floor a little cosier to play on. I had visions of layering a pink rectangular rug with a fluffy cream one but then I saw this circular spotty one on the H&M website and thought it was cute.

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  1. What fantastic decor ideas; especially the rug, its very unique.