Wednesday, 14 February 2018

What Willow Wore #4

Happy Valentines from my sweet little Willow Rose. I think she definitely suits her middle name because she looks so lovely in red. This jumper is still gigantic on her but I couldn't resist the hearts to get in the spirit. Her whole outfit is H&M, which, that's what happens when you work there, although the jumper was a gift from my sister, Em. 

Also, these are Willow's first pair of jeans! I talk about it in a vlog that's coming in the next few days but I didn't ever like the thought of putting Willow in denim as a baby. I just know myself that I wouldn't put jeans on and go to sleep so I couldn't do it to my little baby. I feel she's at an age now where she's on the move (constantly!) and so a little soft pair of jeans would look sweet on her. I did still take them off for nap time though.

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