Monday, 8 May 2017

Seven Month Willow Update

She was last weighed on 25th April and was 16lb 4oz. People still say how little she is, but she's following her centile line perfectly now. 

We're still pretty much sticking to the same routine in the evenings, but like I said last month I've chilled out on her having to be in bed by 7pm. 

We also seem to have cracked the daytime naps again. When we were at the caravan for the week over Easter she got into a great little routine of going for a nap just as Kyle went to work then when she woke we'd have a stroll down to him and she'd be happy as larry. I worried when we got home she might forget how to sleep in the day but she's been great, minus Saturday and today when she only had 20 minutes. I'm hoping they're just one offs!

She's been a bit off the last few nights, last night she woke up three times, I'm convinced we're not far off from getting a tooth now (I feel like she's been teething more of her little life than she hasn't). She still goes to bed good, but there has been a couple of nights when about an hour later she's woken up really distressed.

I think she got a little bored of having toast for breakfast so I took to Pinterest for some new ideas. We've since tried eggy bread and two ingredient banana pancakes and some days she has Wheatabix. Her favourite food has to be little fromage frais yoghurts but this last week I made her some tortilla pizzas and she really enjoys them bless her.

She still only has two meals a day, I might start introducing lunch sometime this month but at the moment she doesn't seem fussed by it. It's sometimes a bit harder to tell how much milk she's having whilst I'm still breastfeeding on demand but I've decided that for now as long as she still wants it and I've still got a good supply then I'm going to carry on. I decided I hate the whole 'weaning' term, something about it just doesn't sit well with me, why don't people just call it feeding? And why do people take such an interest in whether you give your baby a carrot to pick up and suck on or whether you mush that carrot and feed it them with a spoon. I find it very weird.

She's still got 3-6 month clothes that she fits in and we're back to the stage where her age clothes are big on her again. Big head's summer hat is age 12-24 months though haha! I did buy some shorts the other day in 9-12 months because I thought they'll fit her between like July-October, which fingers crossed, will be the hottest time of year. Then I realised that she's always a little behind so they probably won't fit straight away so I'm just gonna change them for 6-9 months. From now on I'm just going to buy for the age she is now because I can't predict the seasons and what size she'll be at the time.

Before we went away at Easter Mum told me she'd start crawling, she didn't. She did master a funny backwards manoeuvre that meant turn your back for two minutes and she'd end up stuck up a corner. She's since mastered army crawling or some sort of slide along the floor but not properly crawling. She gets up on her knees and rocks backwards and forwards but that's it so far. 

Her party trick at the moment are big dirty raspberries. The kind that you don't really appreciate when she's got a mouth full of yoghurt and you wear glasses. I feel like every week she becomes more of a character and we still get people telling us how happy and well behaved she is. 

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