Thursday, 6 April 2017

6 Month Little Willow Update

When she was weighed on the 28th March she was 15lb 6oz so she'd put on 1lb in a month. What a little chunk! 

We had a cracking little routine going in the mornings earlier in the month, one that even allowed me to fit in a quick HIIT workout whilst she played in her little table. That went well out the window when the clocks changed. Now she's a bit all over the place, some mornings she's up at 7am some it's 8.30am. 

Our evening routine has slackened off a bit too since the clocks changed. I'm starting to worry less about doing certain things at certain times. I'm glad we did for a while but now that Willow knows what happens in the evening then it doesn't really matter what time we do it. If I always stuck to bed at 7pm we'd never do anything in the evenings. We took her to the pub this evening with Mum, Dad and Grandad when she would have been going to bed and she was happy enough sat in a high chair sucking on chips and tomatoes, but went to bed perfect when we got home at 9.30pm. It's such a change from a couple of months ago when it would hit 7pm and she'd be screaming to go to bed.

Like I said above she still goes to bed wonderful. There's been a few nights at the caravan when she's had late nights, but if there's lots going on around her she's not interested in feeding. She still wakes in the night but she'll feed and go straight back to sleep. It really does vary what time she wakes but it's never before midnight. 

Most mornings I have scrambled egg on toast for breakfast, so I do Willow a slice of toast and she has a little bit of egg. I don't think she's keen though. There's a few things she doesn't like and they just so happen to all be green: cucumber, broccoli, guacamole and peas. I think peas will grow on her though. 

I get a bit stuck for ideas for dinner time and I really want to start giving her what we have for dinner but for so long now me and Kyle have had dinner when she's gone to bed so we've just gotta break that routine and start preparing earlier. I picked up a free Ella's Kitchen recipe book and I've downloaded a few apps so I think now she's hit six months I'll get stuck in a bit more and be more adventurous.

She still doesn't fit in her 4-6 months H&M clothes properly, but all her 3-6 months sleepsuits are getting a bit fitted now. I've started stocking up on some summer bits in 6-9 months but then I'm trying to split everything I like between 6-9 months and 9-12 months because that is going to be the height of summer (I hope!).

She's gotten so good at sitting on her own, there's only been a couple of occasions when she's shot forward and bumped her face. I tend to still sit behind her at the moment just in case but just because every now and then she'll throw herself back and snuggle in. I think she'll crawl before she has teeth, she's so eager to go! I love watching her play, she'll pick things up and grab things. She talks to them and more often than not they'll end up in her mouth. It's the sweetest thing.
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