Friday, 12 June 2015

Fresh start

H&M skirt
H&M top
ASOS jacket [similar here]
H&M sunglasses

These days at least 90% of my wardrobe is H&M. I've become the ultimate lazy shopper and just pick things out as I work, hence why, as usual, the majority of this outfit is H&M. It's gotten to the point now where me and Amy have to communicate who's wearing what outfit the next day.

I'm hoping this is a fresh start on my blog. I know I've been majorly MIA for the past few months and I've just been getting my shit together (I am still and always will be getting my shit together). But, now that the nights are longer and my sister has finished school until September I'm hoping we can come to some sort of photographic agreement. Watch this space. 

p.s excuse the paleness of my legs, this is one of the first times they've been out properly this year.

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  1. great look!

  2. Love this outfit, you look gorgeous Lindsey x

  3. Gorgeous outfit babe. Love the sunnies & red lip combo :) x

  4. Really love this cute outfit! I love how the long line jacket works with that style of skirt. I didn't think it could work but it does!
    Loving your latest post too. A new blog go follow!
    Bee xxx