Friday, 1 May 2015

Better late than never

Primark shoes (similar here)
Olivia Burton watch (similar here)

I forgot I had these saved in my draft for probably about a month now. I remember taking these Easter weekend so yeah it's been a while. I wish I looked this presentable right now. I've had the week from hell at work and I've got stress spots for days (queue 11pm emergency face mask). Six hours sleep in two days and powered up to the high heavens on pro plus and it's officially took it's toll. I had a minor breakdown earlier and all I wanted was a hug from my Mamma (after a two hour nap on her sofa). 

I've learnt a lot this week, about myself and my worth, and as soon as I've caught up on sleep I'm going to start researching a career change into midwifery, because I've always promised myself that if I dread going to work, I should be doing something different. You should always remember that too.

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  1. nice simple look! love your top and shoes!

  2. The shoes are so beautiful!

    \ Indigo Lights

  3. I just adore this look Lindsey, you look gorgeous! So chic x

  4. such a lovely look! good look with work...and I think you're right....we shouldn't dread going to work.
    I hope you get some rest soon:)

  5. It's a great mindset to always love what you do and if you don't to change that. I really hope you can find that career change you want, you deserve to be happy! x

  6. Love your shoes babe x