Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Bra Issues

H&M playsuit
H&M blazer
Topshop bowler hat
H&M shoes
Primark necklace

Not a too photo heavy post today. By the time I got out of work I wasn't feeling quite as photogenic as when I started, but I was desperate to share this playsuit. I've looked on the H&M website for this and they've obviously sold out on there because it was there that I first saw them. I bought the plain black one and another with a kind of grey looking arrow pattern on it. 

My only dilemma was the back. There's no way I could wear a bra. So I went braless. Yes, completely braless, apart from little nipple covers that came in a bra kit I bought from Primark at Christmas. I was worried, but I tell you what, it was absolute bliss! There's nothing I hate more than bras, so being free for the few days I wore this and the other playsuit was so nice. I don't think I'll be burning all my bras just yet, but at least I know now I have the confidence to go out without. As long as I have my little heart shaped nipple covers for security I know I'm safe!

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  1. The detailing on your playsuit is just gorgeous, and that little jacket is pink perfection x

  2. Love the jacket with the all black ensemble <3

  3. Such a pretty playsuit, and I love how you've styled it!x

  4. I recently did a post on an American Apparel dress which was backless but I didn't even bother with nipple covers I felt so free.

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