Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New shoes

from left to right: eBay studded boots, White Converse All Stars, ASOS Revolution boots, Nike Free Run 2, Primark Platform heels

This is quite a bad habit I seem to have going on at the minute. In the space of a month my shoe collection has grown by 5 new pairs. I've obviously justified them all, I mean, I do really need all of them.

I went from having no trainers in my wardrobe to having two. Me, little girly Lindsey, now owns a pair of Converse and a pair of Nikes. The Converse are easily justified as a Christmas present, I don't feel guilty one bit for those. As for the Nikes, I've joined the gym and I didn't exactly have any appropriate footwear beforehand. 

The studded boots had been in my eBay watch list for a lifetime and as I slowly got sick of wearing the same pair of flat shoes to work everyday I decided to order these. Now I'm sick of wearing these. Problems, problems. They have been sharing the work load with my ASOS Revolution boots more recently though. I managed to bag these with 20% birthday discount back in January.

The tip of the iceberg caught my eye in Primark last week as I was passing through, in the form of those beautiful platforms. I popped back in on Monday and the lovely chap got me a brand new pair from the stock room. I could have kissed him!

What shoes have you been eyeing up recently?


  1. I love those Primark platform heels! I have been trying to convince my mum to help me pay for some white Dr. Martens - they have been on my wish list for ages!

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

  2. Everyone needs to own a pair of Converses and i love the Nike Trainers. I love the Primark platforms, I have seen a pair like this in New Look which i am holding my back self from ordering.


  3. There is no such thing as too many shoes! Just kidding, but I am quite a shoeaholic myself :)

  4. i was terrible for buying shoes when i worked in new look! You;ve got a good selection here! I'm after some white converse because they go with everything! I also want some black and white nike roche trainers for the gym but can't justify the price tag!


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