Friday, 15 June 2012

given half a chance

 dress: H&M
jacket: ebay
necklace: primark
shoes: primark
rings: H&M
nails: barryM

This was a look from the Queen’s jubilee last week, hence the tacky nails. We had to wear white on top to work, I don’t know whether it was jubilee related or just to try out a sort of uniform, but I thought I’d wear my white dress on the Monday considering I don’t own that much white.

I don’t know why I’ve been so absent the past week. Apart from me working almost every day over the holiday I really haven’t done anything of any importance. I did come down with something on Sunday (one of my days off - unlucky!) And I’ve spent most of this week recovering. I can always tell when my immune system is a bit run down because I get cold sores, but I’ve feeling much better now, and a lot less lethargic.


  1. Beautiful dress! I've been searching for a nice white dress for a while now. :)