Monday, 2 October 2017

11 Month Willow Update

This seems like a bit of a cop out considering she's one on Friday but I had taken the photos at the beginning of the month and with training for my new job just haven't got round to sitting down for long enough to write about my little tree.

When I had her weighed on Tuesday she was 18lb 10oz. Still a little dot compared to her cousin Nathan who is over 20lb and 3 months younger than her.

Our evening routine is pretty much the same apart from the fact that more often than not I bath Willow in the morning now, just because by the time Kyle's home from work and we've had dinner it's getting late, especially as she can spend over half an hour in her chair eating dinner. She enjoys bath time so I hate rushing her. We have it every other day after breakfast now, then we potter around upstairs and she heads off for a nap.

We seem to have had a bit of a break through at night time. I say that as if she's been a bad sleeper, when I think I've been extremely lucky overall. She's recently started sleeping through the night, from about 7/8pm to 6/7 sometimes 8am. She has been a little poorly recently and the odd night, probably once a week she's woke up for a feed but she's been so good lately. Even day time naps she still naps for up to three hours.  
I'm still breastfeeding, but for the last couple of weeks because my training was pretty much full time she's just been having cow's milk when I'm not around. My boobs just don't fill up enough anymore to express and after a small bout of mastitis I just wanted to focus on being able to feed her when I was with her. Food wise, I still can't think of anything that she doesn't like. Her little tortilla pizzas I used to make for her do tend to end up on the floor more so than what ends up in her mouth. I just try and make sure she tries lots of different things. Scrambled egg is most definitely her favourite breakfast, which is good because I have eggs for breakfast everyday.
She's in 9-12 months now, apart from her sleepsuits which are 6-9 months, and even then I'm still having to roll the feet up. She does still fit into a lot of her 6-9 months clothes. She just seems to grow at a very slow speed bless her. Which is great, it means we get a lot of wear out of her clothes. 

I think the biggest milestone has to be walking. She totters round everywhere now, which is just the cutest thing, she just looks so little! I don't even know when she took her first steps, because for a while she was just testing the waters, then gradually she just started getting braver and braver at letting go. 
She also finally got her first tooth! Kyle noticed it on 28th August when she was eating scrambled egg with a metal spoon. Since then she's had three more, three at the top and one at the bottom. She did cross cut them and she looked ever so funny when she smiled. Luckily she's not bitten me too much when feeding, a lot of people tried telling me when she got teeth I'd have to give up breastfeeding her.
She now claps her hands on request, and she's slowly learning the right way to climb off the sofa and down the stairs as opposed to just going head first. She loves to climb! I turned my back the other day and she was at the top of the step ladder. She's also managed to climb in her walker and loves getting in and out of her Mamas and Papas baby snug.   
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