Monday, 6 February 2017

Four months Little Willow Update

I thought we'd wear a bit of red since it's Valentines day next week. We had to ditch the tights though, she's not fond of them. She forgets how to wiggle her legs if she has them on, and I'm just a sucker for those tiny feet! Excuse the dribble around her chin, she's been like a tap the last few weeks and whilst I was taking these photos she's mastered the art of blowing raspberries.

We took her to the clinic on 24th January and she weighed 13lb 2oz. The health visitor said she has dropped slightly below the centile line but she wasn't worried as breastfed babies tend to be more up and down on the chart. She also said because she's having a lot more floor time she's burning more calories. I said I'm going to get down on the floor and kick my legs all day if it burns calories!

The only sort of routine we have is that in the morning she normally has a feed between 10 and 11 and will normally then fall asleep. The other day I fed her in our bedroom and put her in her moses basket and she slept for 50 minutes in there. That my friends is a record!

Bedtime has gotten earlier this last month. I've taken her up to bed as early as 6.30pm some days and she'll be asleep by 7, which is great, it means we don't end up eating our dinner at 10 o'clock at night! She is really good at letting us know when she's tired, she'll cry but as soon as she gets the boobie she's fine again. 

She has regressed somewhat when it comes to sleeping through the night, gone are the days of 7pm until 7am. I was half expecting it though and fingers crossed it's just that four month blip that won't last forever. The one night last week she was up four times, it's safe to say I wasn't feeling too fresh the next day. We do tend to have a nap around 3 o'clock in the afternoon though. She ends up dream feeding for about an hour and somewhere in there I normally nod off too. I know they recommend not to, but hell, sometimes you just gotta catch up on some Z's where you can!

We're still exclusively breastfeeding. When I sit and think about it properly I really am proud of myself for single handedly sustaining this little life for the last four months. I'm glad I was able to give her the best possible start in life. They say the best medicine for under 6 months is breastmilk. I think that's probably why we've only been hit with a couple of colds that have only lasted a few days.

She's in a mixture of 0-3 months and 3-6 months. We're back to having flappy feet in her 3-6 month babygrows, I've had to pack a few of her 0-3 outfits away but there's still a few on her clothes rails. I've been having a good browse on the H&M website recently and there's so many things I want! I think I'll be starting to build her 6-9 month wardrobe soon.

She started rolling over last week! She can roll from back to belly so now we just need to master belly onto her back because once she's rolled over she gets angry that she's stuck there. She can also get a really good grip on things now. Then pretty much everything heads straight for her mouth, her new favourite was she sponge in the bath, yum!
I love watching her discover new things, I purposely don't read about what age they should be doing certain things because I know every baby is different. Kyle will ask me what age she'll be crawling or walking and I just throw out a random guess.

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