Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My Travel Bucket List

01. New York
Anyone who knows me will know New York has always held a little spot in my heart. I always said by the time I'm 25 I want to have moved there. I blame hours and hours of Gossip Girl and Sex and the City. I imagine if I did actually go I'd never want to sleep out of fear of missing out on something. I'd probably step off the plane and drop dead with excitement, but this place is always number 1 on my bucket list.

02. Scandinavia
Kinda cheating but if your going to visit one you might as well visit the lot whilst your there. Am I right? Hell yeah! I just find that whole corner of the world absolutely fascinating, it started out with a love for Stockholm that has now stretched out over Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

03. Paris
What girl doesn't want to visit Paris? I feel like this one is a possibility in the near future, I mean there's no excuses really, just a hop skip and a jump on the Eurostar and I'll be climbing up the Eiffel Tower and strolling through the Louvre in no time. It would also be rude not to stop off in Versailles whilst I'm in the area.

04. Rome
Rome is one of those places I don't think I'll believe exist until I visit for myself. The whole place is just shrouded in so much history; the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and I'd definitely have to visit the Vatican.

05. Santorini
I first saw a picture of Santorini on Pinterest and was completely obsessed with the beautiful blue water and the stacked up white houses on the hillside. It looks like the perfect place to spend a week away from the world. Oh goodness, someone fund my trip here now please! 

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  1. I would love to visit Paris one day! Italy is also on my list.

    Lauren x

  2. New York and Paris are just so fabulous! I moved to NYC at 22 and it was the best and scariest decision I made. Paris is so romantic, New York is cool and exciting.


  3. Ah I want to go to NY too! As well as California. Those are probably the 2 places in America I want to visit the most! I've been to Paris but I definitely want to go back because when I went (around 11yo) I really wasn't old enough to truly appreciate the different sights.

  4. Paris is definitely worth visit, such a beautiful city with so much to see :)
    I want to go to Rome and to Santorini, as well!

    \ Indigo Lights

  5. New York and Scandinavia are on mine as well! Rome is absolutely incredible, I really want to go back one day. You will love it there! x

  6. NYC is one of my favorite places <3
    I've always wanted to visit Rome

    Made in Mauve

  7. that's so beautiful. great photography i would love to visit paris and rome too

  8. I have been to New York twice, and totally loved it. If I could move there tomorrow I so would. I really want to go to Paris too. I bet the shops would be amazing there.