Monday, 23 July 2012

Glitter Nails: AA L'Espirit and Supernova

American Apparel L'Esprit (£9) & American Apparel Supernova (£9)

I bought these nail lacquers when I was in LA, along with a metallic one in Lilac Panache, which the sales assistant actually picked out for me, I'll do a review of that one when I've tested it out. 

Although I have seen a lot of reviews of American Apparel's nail lacquers on various blogs, I still didn't get my hopes up with them being from a clothes store and not an actual make-up brand. The AA website boasts 'one coat, opaque colour', the L'Esprit didn't fail to deliver that. The Supernova I was slightly disappointed with, it took a lot to get a decent layer of glitter on each nail as all I was getting was the clear liquid.

For me, £9 for a bottle of nail varnish is a bit pricey, although they do seem worth it. I paid about £10 for three bottles, so if you're ever in the States, I'd stock up over there.


  1. love the colors!


  2. love love looooove the glitter! this is just perfect for me xoxo