Monday, 6 March 2017

Five months Little Willow Update

I took her to be weighed last week on 28th February and she was 14lb 6oz. She's in between the 25th and 50th centile now and the health visitor said she's not worried about her at all. She's definitely gotten longer too, she's filling out her 3-6 month baby grows now.

There's certain things that I find myself doing at certain times of the day. I won't take her for a bath any earlier than 6pm because straight after bath time it's bedtime. Normally in the evening our routine goes: 5.30pm: dinner, 6pm: bath time, 6.30pm: booby milk in the bedroom. On the days that I don't bath her I push dinner time back until about 6pm. It seems to be working for us, she's an absolute dream to get to sleep.
We've also somewhat tackled the whole day time napping, I normally take her up to the bedroom anytime between 12pm and 1pm, close the curtains and blind and feed her on the bed like I would in the evening then pop her in her basket when she's finished feeding. To begin with she would have about an hour but then a few days last week she had an hour and a half. All that being said, she's hit five months today and decided to skip nap time. I'm pretty sure she started to regret it by about 3pm.

Like I said she's a dream to put to bed, but for the majority of this month she's been awake by 6.30am. Our first night at the caravan she woke at 5.30am. By the time Kyle woke at 9am it felt like midday. She has started going down until about 7am again now though which is a relief, I was getting a bit worried that I was going to be one of those Mum's whose day starts at 5.30 every single day.
Her night feeds have been a bit all over the place this month, but there was only one night that she's done a 12 hour stint. Some nights she only wakes once, some nights twice. She always falls back to sleep whilst feeding apart from one night when it was about 4.30am and she finished feeding and was busy craning her neck looking round. I thought that was my day starting so I chanced it and put her back in her basket. She lay there blowing raspberries for ages and when I next woke she'd obviously nodded back off.

We decided this month to start combining a little bit of food into her diet. She was always so grizzly in the day and my Dad suggested that maybe she was hungry. She had to be, she's so nosey in the day now, if she hears the slightest noise whilst she's feeding whips her head round to find out what's going on. Every bit of advice recommends waiting until 6 months but starting early was by far the best decision for Willow. She's so much happier now.
She doesn't have a lot, I give her half a rusk in the morning which she just tends to make the end a bit mushy, then in the evening she has a bit of porridge. She's had a taste of yoghurt too and I mashed up some carrots for her last weekend. She seems to enjoy everything she's had so far so I'm not to fussed about rushing to give her every option of vegetable available anytime soon.

She fits lovely in her 3-6 clothes now but has still got a lot of growing room in her H&M clothes that are 4-6 months. She'll probably still be wearing them when she's 7 maybe 8 months. She's such a little dolly dot bless her.

She's mastered the art of raspberries, which are cute, but not at 4.30 in the morning. She does lots of laughing now, which absolutely breaks my heart, it seriously is so infectious. She also rolled from belly to back a few times this month, not too much though, she bumped her head a few times so maybe it put her off haha. 
If she's on your lap, she much prefers to be stood up with you holding her weight and over the weekend she's almost got to grips with sitting on her own. She's becoming such a character, she smiles at anybody that acknowledges her and she's just starting to snuggle up for a cuddle.

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